Does Stellar stand a chance against Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple
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Stellar Lumens began with a promise, however, it’s being forgotten. Founded by Jed McCaleb, the man who also found Ripple Labs, Stellar Lumens failed to become as strong a contender as Ripple.

Why is Stellar Lumens lagging?

In today’s time, scalability is an important factor that drives not only the network but also the performance of the coin. The “Best tech = Best gains” narrative is becoming redundant now. The market has seen many seemingly robust blockchain projects and their tokens being forgotten and sidelined. Stellar Lumens is one of those. At press time, it was priced at $0.41. 

Stellar Lumens made strong gains this week | Source: TradingView – AMBCrypto

The network has the capability of conducting over 250 transactions per second  (TPS) and focuses on unbanked individuals. It has also expanded into hosting Dapps such as SatoshiPay and with companies such as Wirex, developing their own Visa card to spend up to 12 currencies anywhere, Stellar Lumens’ vision seems to be coming true.

However, XRP has emerged as the dominant player in the banking sector since it partnered with a third of the world’s biggest banks. Also, since it has the potential to facilitate over 1500 TPS, it makes for a better option in comparison to Stellar. 

What lies ahead?

The competition now comes with the Lightning Network (LN) being widely adopted and ETH 2.0 becoming a reality. They plan on capturing the blockchain market for themselves. Ethereum already has domination in the Dapps sector and LN claims of 25 million TPS, gaining the upper hand here.

But here’s the twist – Ripple being primarily a financial instrument, and LN and ETH 2.0 still achieving their potential, makes Stellar Lumens a valid choice still. Not only this people still choose the XLM network over others as it hosts over 6.5 million transactions every day.

Transactions count comparison | Source: Coinmetrics – AMBCrypto

It also has a significant competitive network value compared to BTC, ETH, and XRP which gives it a better market value as well.

Network value comparison | Source: Coinmetrics – AMBCrypto

So in conclusion, Stellar Lumens is here to stay.

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