'Bitcoin is the best thing you can own' - Strike CEO
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  • Jack Mallers asserted Bitcoin is the ultimate hedge against economic uncertainty.
  • Despite volatility, significant investor interest in Bitcoin persisted.

Ever since the approval of the Bitcoin [BTC] spot ETF, the king of cryptos has remained in the limelight.

As more institutional investors enter the crypto markets, the question arises — why has Wall Street suddenly become so bullish about crypto?

Jack Mallers’s insight on the current macroeconomy 

In a conversation with Anthony Pompliano, Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike, implied that this renewed interest in cryptocurrency may be because of the deep-rooted problems that we have in the current geopolitical setup.

He further stated that allowing the banking system to fail may be one solution, while the second involved debasing the currency. Mallers considered the latter more likely, suggesting that, 

“I think Bitcoin is the best thing you can own.” 

Here, Maller is viewing Bitcoin as a hedge against currency debasement and macroeconomic uncertainty. 

Further, when questioned about why investors moving away from the dollar and investing in assets like stocks, real estate, Bitcoin, and gold including Wall Street, Mallers noted, 

“I think it’s the best expression of fiat debasement. It is the antithesis of fiat currency. It has no Central Bank, it has no government, its monetary policy is fixed, its supply is capped, it’s everything that fiat isn’t. And, so, if your problem is Fiat debasement then it’s best expressed through Bitcoin.” 

Diverging opinions on Bitcoin 

However, amidst Bitcoin’s price volatility, many are still divided on whether they should buy or sell Bitcoin.

Clearing the air around the same, popular crypto analyst Ali Martinez, in his recent X (formerly Twitter) post, shared that there has been significant buying activity amongst certain investors in recent days.  

Source: Ali/X

This showed continued confidence in the long-term potential of Bitcoin and optimism about its future value.

On the contrary, pseudonymous trader Rekt Capital predicted that although the “danger zone” has subsided, Bitcoin may still experience a potential dip of approximately 13% from its current value.

Source: Rekt Capital/X

Bitcoin vs. shitcoins 

Amid the speculation and uncertainties enveloping Bitcoin, Mallers staunchly championed a maximalist perspective, affirming Bitcoin’s supremacy as the quintessential form of money.

Furthermore, Mallers scrutinizes Ethereum [ETH] for straying from fundamental monetary principles, attributing its decisions to founder influence and external pressures prompting protocol changes.

He said, 

“What bothers me is the intentional conflation Ethereum was founded to be the better Bitcoin and it often rides the coattails of Bitcoin and it often conflates itself with Bitcoin story and a lot of these things.” 

He ended the conversation giving his opinion on meme coins – 

“I mean to be honest like I don’t really give a s**t about s**tcoins to be totally candid.” 

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