Endemic Announces Endemic Week, Helping Real-World Artists Transition To Web3
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Endemic, a decentralized marketplace for digital art, is excited to announce the launch of Endemic Week, an event created to help artists make the transition to digital art through its NFT platform.

According to the Endemic team, Endemic Week has been thoughtfully curated to help artists enter the digital space while allowing their work to reach new markets. Reportedly, through Endemic Week, Endemic hopes to achieve the largest onboarding of real-world artists to the digital space.

While commenting on the project, Stipe Plejic, the CEO of Endemic and President of StoneBlock, stated: 

“I always emphasize that if you want to rule the world, you have to rule innovation. We have done the biggest real-world artist onboarding in the world so far. Endemic recently made the transition to Ethereum, and just on Endemic Week, we onboarded more than fifty high-end physical artists on our platform portfolio who have transferred their works to digital form. By targeting both digital and physical curated art, Endemic becomes a unique venue for high-end art, artists, and collectors. No more searching for quality art – for everything found on Endemic, the bar has been raised very high. There were some attempts, but they are mostly based on small physical collections.”

In preparing for the event, Endemic organized a conference on a small paradise island called the island of Vis. Over fifty artists gathered in Agroom, the first IT and blockchain island, for three days to exhibit their physical works. Agroom is a well-known premise that serves as a vibrant hub offering a conducive environment for companies to test their project, develop new ones, or get infrastructure support, consulting, or networking with others.


During this period, artists gained insight into digital art, explored the potential of NFT as a medium for creating and owning art and engaged in panel discussions with industry experts. Notably, Endemic was able to accomplish a lot within three days, including onboarding all artist, which marked their journey from offline to online space.

Dubbed the house of curated digital art, Endemic is created for artists, collectors, and buyers. Endemic is leading the revolution as the art industry continues experiencing a fundament metamorphosis. The platform hopes to create a custom mart artist-centric space meticulously crafted by artists for artists. Curated under the guidance of the StoneBlock Blockchain Association, both Agroom and Endemic share similar interests and hope to onboard more users to blockchain and its technologies.

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