LendaBit - P2P Platform for borrowing or lending secured by Crypto
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Peer-to-peer crypto lending has proved to be a perspective and attractive financial tool for a multitude of lenders and borrowers, and Marat Kichikov, Managing Partner of BitFury Capital, together with top executives of the collaborative investment fund gave their credence to fintech startup LendaBit.com and became the seed investors of the novice firm.

P2P lending platform LendaBit.com has managed to unite highly qualified professionals who specialize in finance, risk management, blockchain technology and secure profile provisioning architecture with an aim to create an excellent, easy and transparent platform for lenders and borrowers.

BitFury Capital supports the growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem and facilitates further dynamics of development of blockchain-based companies. Having BitFury Capital’s top management as the seed investors is a terrific step towards adoption of innovative solutions and implementation of a unique mix of fintech expertise and global market intelligence.

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