Weiss Crypto Ratings Gives Chainlink A Thumbs Up As LINK Sets Eye On ATH
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Chainlink has been one of the best performers of 2020. Its growth has seen it receive a thump up from Weiss Crypto Ratings in the last few hours. Weiss Crypto Ratings is one of the biggest digital assets’ rating firms. The firm has now come out to support the project. All of it, the protocol, the team and the performance of its digital asset LINK.

LINK On route To Break ATH

Chainlink has been one of the most promising projects in 2020. Most recently it was a key talking point in the bZx hack. The bZx team as we reported added the Chainlink protocol to add to their security. This move saw Chainlink add consumer trust.

UPDATE: We are meeting with Chainlink today and expediting the addition of the oracle to our model. After this is added, we will go online with extremely limited functionality: lending, unlending, and closing positions/loans. New positions and new loans will not be available.

— bZx (@bzxHQ) February 18, 2020

Its this development and recent project growth that has seen many investors buy up LINK because of FOMO. Many are times in 2020 when LINK has rejected market-wide pressure to drop. Instead, it has gone on to rally.

Now the project is set to add to the positive momentum as it receives credit from Weiss Ratings. The rating firm has confirmed there has been a lot of interest in the digital asset from investors.

We've been asked about our view on #Chainlink and #Algorand from investment standpoint:

Chainlink is one of the best performing #crypto assets, and has been for over a year, and Algorand is the opposite. Great tech and team but market performance is just not there.#LINK $LINK

— Weiss Crypto Ratings (@WeissCrypto) March 5, 2020

The firm says that LINK has been one of the best performers for over a year now. Mind you, this takes us back to the 2019 bear market. This means that during the 2020 bull run, this token could achieve greatness.

In recent weeks, the digital asset has climbed to a top 15 coin and is only one short of reaching the top ten. Although Tezos is set to be a great opponent for the tenth position, Chainlink looks like a worthy opponent.

Chainlink Starts Slow

LINK year ATH is $4.70. With the bullish wave setting in again, the last few hours seeing the market green, LINK will be looking to reach a new high of $5.0. This will set it on course to reaching a new all-time high.

The digital asset has been slow only gaining around 2% while other top coins have been shooting up by more than 5%. This will however not waive investor confidence. Now more than ever, they will be looking to long the digital asset.

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Weiss Crypto Ratings Gives Chainlink A Thumbs Up As LINK Sets Eye On ATH
Chainlink has come out as one of the most promising projects in 2020. This has been confirmed by Weiss Ratings. This has further confirmed LINKs long term bullish case.
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