Tron Beats Bitcoin in Number of Transactions Within 300 days of launch
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Tron, the smart contract and dapps platform have achieved a major feat in the history of its existence. The Tron blockchain just surpassed Bitcoin’s number of transactions. This is remarkable progress as the platform has only existed for less than a year while Bitcoin has been around for over ten years now. Number of transactions is now 412,608,460 as compared to 410,807,309 for Bitcoin.

Tron usage on the increase

Tron and Bitcoin number of transactions from Tron and Blockchain explorersAccording to a blockchain analyst Mr Gordon, Tron usage has increased significantly and has surpassed Bitcoin as shown by the number of transactions as the number of transactions translates to usage. Tron usage and number of dapp users and number dapps and smart contracts has increased significantly as well. According to Tron’s latest weekly report, the platform now has 877 smart contracts while the number of dapps increased by 39, driving up the number of users on the platform.

Not only has Tron increased in the number of smart contracts and dapps, another key indicator of usage, number of nodes on the Tron network, has also increased from 1,357 from 1,100 within a few days as per the latest report. This is also a significant improvement to the network that could contribute significantly.

Tron TransactionTron Transaction image source: Tronscan Bitcoin TransactionBitcoin Transaction image source: Tron promises more

With all the achievements so far, Tron’s CEO Justin Sun still promises that Tron’s native token TRX will soon rise to join the top ten cryptocurrencies again. Not only TRX, he added that BTT will also rise to join the top 30 cryptocurrencies by the end of Q2. Justin Sun may be planning to launch more dapps or implement programs such as the Accelerator program which attracted developers to the platform recently.


Meanwhile, Bitcoin is still pushing ahead while altcoins struggle including Tron’s TRX. Will the growth experienced by the Tron network eventually support TRX price on the market? We will watch to see in the next few days how TRX performs in relation to other altcoins.

Tron Beats Bitcoin in Number of Transactions Within 300 days of launch
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Tron Beats Bitcoin in Number of Transactions Within 300 days of launch
Tron has surpassed Bitcoin number of transactions and its number of online nodes has also increased from 1,100 to 1,357. More may be coming as Tron seems to have more plans.
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