Tron [TRX] integrates in Exodus wallet with more than 40 trading pairs
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The founder of Tron, Justin Sun posted on his Twitter account that TRX integrated with Exodus. Well, Exodus is a desktop wallet that felicitates standard trading features with around 1000 trading pairs. The interested users can download the updated version of 1.60.0. The users can easily send, receive and exchange TRX with almost 40 other digital assets.

The sources further suggested that these assets are completely new versions, so the platform has to evaluate the mainnet token in its own way.

TRX now available on exodus

Source: Twitter (@justinsuntron)

In addition, the experts of the assets integration aim to build an infrastructure for the smooth functioning of the Exodians. However, it’s not at all an easy task. Hopefully, one of such mainnet coins successfully rejoined the Exodus movement in Version 1.60.0 and assures of adding more in coming days.

Moreover, the platform has added one new token to our Ethereum Assets. The sources confirmed that the main reason for introducing this coin was the demand from its users.

The platform is hoping that this newly added token must bring new scope for the fans of the wallet.
The developers informed about few bugs that have been kept Version 1.60.0 as well as on the Ethereum and the ERC20 token that will help to balance the overall functioning.

The protocol revealed that the team is pleased to add mainnet TRX that is easily convertible assets in Exodus.
All the Tron users who have to hold the private keys now will get an alternative for storing the coins.

This Exodus Wallet will now empower more alternative for making settlements and will also maintain your financial sovereignty.

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