The Ultimate Content Monetisation System

Kim is a well-known internet entrepreneur who knows what it takes to create successful online mass market digital businesses. He founded Megaupload, one of the largest online companies in the world in its time, accounting for about 4% of worldwide internet traffic at one stage. Kim subsequently founded Mega, a New Zealand based end-to-end encryption file hosting and storage service which, as of 20 January 2018, has 100 million registered users in more than 245 countries and territories, and more than 40 billion files uploaded the service. 1 Additionally, Kim is a strong advocate for digital freedom and personal privacy.
Kim understands the tremendous potential of the content publishing and monetisation platform, utilising the Bitcache payments solution, to be the innovative disruptor to current broken content publishing models that the online world needs. Kim believes he can help make this a reality by spreading the good word on this exciting project. It is well known and a matter of public record that Kim’s success with Megaupload was such that Hollywood and related commercial media interests persuaded the US Department of Justice to take steps to close down the entire Megaupload operation, and then launch legal actions in various jurisdictions against Kim and others who were involved in Megaupload.  These various legal actions are ongoing and being vigorously defended by Kim. While Kim is confident of ultimately successfully defending them, he decided when developing the concepts and architecture for Bitcache, that he would not be able to personally take an interest in the business. Bitcache has however secured Kim’s ongoing involvement and guidance for the project, and his key services as project evangelist. Kim’s role in the project will continue despite the legal issues he is working his way through.


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