Up & Down: Large Volume for Today's Gainers, ENJ and COSM Among Losers

In today’s market action, several of the day’s top 20 gainers have seen eight-figure trade volume over the last 24 hours including GRS, VIA, DMT, and CVC. When looking at the worst performing markets, ENJ and COSM command the largest volume of the day’s top losers.

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High Volume Coins Among Top Gaining Markets

A number of altcoins have ranked among the day’s top gainers with substantial volume, comprising a departure from the dominance of low liquidity crypto assets that has characterized the top gaining markets throughout the current bear trend.

As of this writing, groestlcoin (GRS) comprises the day’s fifth top performing market, currently trading for $0.55 after posting a 24-hour gain of 62%. Of the top gaining markets, groestlcoin has the largest daily trade volume by more than 10x, with nearly $503.19 million worth of GRS changing hands. Groestlcoin is the 103rd largest crypto asset with a market cap of $39.97 million.

GRS/USD – 24 Hours

Viacoin (VIA) is the day’s seventh top gaining market, currently trading for $0.53 after rising 45% in 24 hours. Nearly $38.77 worth VIA was traded today, with viacoin currently ranking 221st with a capitalization of $13.15 million.

VIA/USD – 24 Hours

Dmarket (DMT) currently ranks as the 13th top gaining coin of the day, having grown 33% to trade for $0.27. Dmarket now ranks 216th by market cap, with a capitalization of $13.66 million. $42.85 million worth of DMT was traded over the last 24 hours.

DMT/USD – 24 Hours

Civic (CVC) is the 16th top gaining market of the day after having risen 31% to trade for $0.082. $37.8 million worth of CVC changed hands in the last 24 hours, ranking civic as the 127th largest crypto asset with a capitalization of $27.80 million.

CVC/USD – 24 Hours
ENJ and COSM Post Double-Digit Losses

After ranking as the third and fourth top gaining markets of two days ago, enjin coin (ENJ) and cosmo coin (COSM) are currently ranked among the top losers of the past 24 hours.

ENJ is trading for $0.166 after losing nearly 15% today, ranking it as the 15th poorest performing crypto asset by 24-hour performance. ENJ is ranked 47th by market cap with a capitalization of $126.59 million and a daily trade volume of $47.58 million.

ENJ/USD – 24 Hours

COSM is presently ranked as the 25th top loser of the past 24 hours, trading for $0.048 after falling by 18% in one day. COSM is now the 118th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $31.71 million. Roughly $111.7 million worth of COSM changed hands today.

COSM/USD – 24 Hours

Do you think the prevalence of large liquidity coins among today’s top gainers is a sign of shifting market dynamics or a mere coincidence? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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