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Hello friend,

Submit your Bitcoin-related artwork using the form below and it may be selected to be featured as the cover of an upcoming article published on

That's about it! Read more about this Bitcoin Magazine initiative here.

TLDR: The idea is an attempt to decentralize the art contributions on the Bitcoin Magazine site, the same way written contributions come from across the Bitcoin Community.

This will give artists extra opportunity to gain exposure to our audience, and give our audience exposure to the many great artists in this space, both "up-and-coming" and well-established.

Looking to create new art about bitcoin to send in?
Here are a few themes for inspiration:

🟠 Bitcoin mining
🟠 Bitcoin in various nations
🟠 Bitcoin price milestones
🟠 Bitcoin meme remixes
🟠 Bitcoin as a cultural revolution
🟠 Hyperbitcoinization / future of Bitcoin
🟠 Whatever Bitcoin means to you!

Send it in! You may see it paired with a Bitcoin Magazine article or shared on Bitcoin Magazine Twitter and subsequently shared across the web.

It's never too late to start.

Keep stacking,

Art Director, Bitcoin Magazine


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