Bitcoin (BTC) New Addresses Number Surged 12% In One Day. Bullish Sign?
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The Glassnode blockchain & crypto data research firm tracks numerous meaningful metrics of the Bitcoin (BTC) network processes. The three-day moving average of new addresses is among the most sensitive indicators.

New addresses are on the march

According to Glassnode Alert, a service by Glassnode analytical mechanisms, which automatically reports the most interesting facts on blockchain networks, Bitcoin (BTC) is experiencing a rapid influx of new addresses.

As reported by the service, the three-day MA of new addresses surged 11.7% in the past 24 hours. Still, the Bitcoin (BTC) network is nowhere near its most active days.

Is rapid growth a bullish indicator?

Some analysts treat sharp positive movements in the Bitcoin (BTC) network as a harbinger of future price growth. For example, the last Bitcoin (BTC) bullish run, in February of 2020, coincided with the number of new ATH non-zero addresses.  

At print time, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading at $6,625 on major spot exchanges after being violently rejected by bears at the $7,000 level. 

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