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0x today announced the release of its latest service, 0x Instant. Developers can copy the open-source code and include it in their apps or websites, thereby creating an interface for users to buy tokens. The service is also configurable in that developers, by using the Instant Configurator, can identify the ERC20 or ERC721 tokens they wish to support, choose the liquidity source (either 0x's or their own), and set an affiliate fee (up to 5 percent) if they wish to earn a small amount from every transaction.

"0x Instant provides a simple and intuitive interface that may be embedded in any website or app, allowing visitors to '1-click buy' Ethereum tokens with ease," added Will Warren, co-founder and CEO of 0x, according to a release shared with ETHNews. Behind the scenes, the tool works by aggregating liquidity from 0x relayers (or the selected liquidity source) and finding the best price for the within the liquidity pool. A few projects have already integrated 0x Instant into their platforms.

Emoon, a decentralized ERC721 marketplace, allows users to purchase a variety of non-fungible tokens, such as Gods Unchained tournament passes and CryptoStrikers cards, via 0x Instant. Other examples of integration include Coinbase Wallet, which is Coinbase's mobile wallet app (previously called Toshi); Augur, which uses 0x Instant to offer tokens (the coins are needed to participate in the platform's prediction markets); and CoinGecko, a crypto price feed. Last month, 0x released its Launch Kit, a set of tools that purportedly allows developers to launch a relayer in under a minute. Coin spectator is an automated news aggregation service. All copyrights belong to their respective owners. Images and text owned by copyright holders are used in reference to and promotion of those respective parties. Read in Full

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